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Sean Gary

"The Success Jolt"

 Artist   |   Athlete   |   Author

Sean Gary grew up in Columbus, Ohio.  He was at a predominantly all black middle school with traces of gang activity present and because of new circumstances he moved to Delaware, Ohio and his freshmen year he and his brother were the only black people in the building, including students, teachers and staff.  For sure, Sean knows about diversity and dealing with change.


Going back to his early years, Sean wrote his first song in 3rd grade.  He didn't know it then, but years later he would grace numerous stages across the country and internationally, as "Thee Aposoul" connecting with many as a Gospel Rapper under his own record label Message Sent Entertainment. His college basketball career was one that followed with a pro basketball contract in which he turned down to pursue working in education.  Since his Bachelors degree in Business from Tiffin University, and his Master's degree from Liberty University, Sean has launched multiple businesses while coaching and leading 1,000's of people toward their WIN.  

Sean launched Superior Self LLC in 2016 to help more students (and adults) find that success that they are looking for; help them find that WIN!  After writing his first book "Clear" he was able to see other entrepreneurs WIN in business.  As a Speaker, Sean Gary is able to use his diverse background to connect with a variety of students across the country.  


He is a man who loves to challenge and inspire students, as well as father's towards their WIN in their classrooms, communities and everywhere they can make an impact.   His creative marketing strategies have built an audience that's rapidly growing and now his reach expands across the globe. 

Whether speaking to the youth or speaking to adults, everyone has a unique journey.  While on that journey it's important to strive to learn, grow and be better.  You being your best version of yourself (or your Superior Self) gives you a chance to WIN in life!  If you desire to WIN Sean can for sure help you connect the dots.


One of his passions is striving to help people see their potential and help them believe for it, then "jolting" them towards their WIN.


Bachelors in Business

(Tiffin University)

Masters in Christian Leadership ​

(Liberty University)

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