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Many of us, when thirsty can simply go to the sink and get a clean glass of water.  If we want to shower we just go to the bathroom and take a shower.  Even in the mornings when we get up to brush our teeth, we use water for that as well.  Though water is present in all these scenarios, we may take it for granted.

Many of us are blessed to have  clean water readily available.  While this may be true for you and I, it's not true for a number of people across the globe.  Sean has decided to partner with Charity Water.  They are a non-profit organization who strives to deal with this water crisis.

Did you know that every 19 seconds a baby dies as a result of the parents not having access to clean water?  This is something that you can help to change.  With every copy of Ricardo's Race that sold, a portion will be donated to helping provide clean water to someone for a month!  That's right, for every single book purchased, someone has a chance to live just a little bit longer.

We ask that you partner with us and considering not just purchasing a copy of Ricardo's Race for yourself, but also purchase one for someone else!  If you are considering purchasing 10+ copies then reach out to us so we can provide a discount for you.

We are excited that we are in a position to be a blessing and even more excited that you may decided to lock arms with us!


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Know the Feeling of Saving a Life TODAY!


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