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We Win Funding

After many successful visits with students across the country we have decided to take the experience to the next level! Also, we have heard the ask and we are in position to deliver!!!

We need your help to make this happen and we are excited that you are here today and we hope that you will lock arms with us to make a difference in the students’ lives all around us, together, we win!


Fundraising Goal: $200,000

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Project A

The DJ Equipment

and More!

We have included a musical element to all talks but now we will be able to control the quality of the overall sound with our own equipment. Also, yup, you guessed it, we will be able to offer concerts with certain talks now! Check out the We Win Theme Song on YouTube!

Oh and yes that means we have our own DJ!!!

Project B

The We Win Leadership Academy!


Our desire has been to serve students by helping develop them as leaders! So once the "ask" came from schools, it matched our hearts desires.  Now we are completing a Quarterly Program to answer that need!


Included in the Leadership Academy: students will receive their own workbook, they will write in it, take notes in it, color, cut and even glue in it as needed. There will be conversations had as well as quizzes.  The final portion of each lesson concludes with the "Leadership Lane" where student's will learn about a leader from the past, or present. We will challenge the students to become better leaders themselves in hopes that they may even make it to the "Leadership Lane" in their future.


The first Curriculum is almost complete and it will serve 2nd Grade students. Each Quarter teaches different lessons.  Students will also receive 4 NEW BOOKS written by Sean Gary; 1 each Quarter with a new story teaching the students about: Integrity, Bullying, SEL (Social Emotional Learning), and Responsibility.

Project C

The We Win Movie: “Where’s My Medal?”

We have already completed the script for the cartoon movie that will also be serving students in the future. This project is 3rd on the list because it’s a lot more to it than the other two projects. We are currently working with UC students to provide an amazing experience that’s not just entertaining but also educational.


Please partner with us as we sow seeds into the students today.  You can feel amazing knowing your dollars are being invested into leaders of today and also leaders of tomorrow!


(2,000 x $100 = $200,000)

$200,000 Goal


1-Every $500 Mark Raised, Sean Gary will interview a student and gift them 2 signed books!
(Ricardo’s Race & Ricardo’s Race Activity Booklet!)

2-Each Week A We Win T will go out!

(To Qualify: You must leave a comment and share the live video the day of the drawing.)

Interview Questions:

1-What grade are you in?
2-What is you favorite subject in school?
3-What is your least favorite subject in school?
4-What do you want to be when you grow up?
5-Do you know you have a purpose?

Every Day For 61 Days I will go live and tell a Dad Joke & Share My Fundraising Goals and Progress!

Purpose Of Your Donation:

  • We Win Leadership Academy Curriculum Books

  • Creating 4 New Books (Integrity, Bullying, SEL, Responsibility)

  • We Win Leadership Academy Curriculum Tools

  • DJ Equipment

  • Preparing For “The We Win Movie: Where’s My Medal?” The Script is already complete!

  • Cartoonist

  • Voice Over Artists

  • Studio Time

  • Film Score

  • Marketing

  • Promotion

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