~A Unifying Message~


Purchase your "Same Boss" Set TODAY!!!


Wearing your Shirt and Wristbands while listening to your Same Boss EP lets everyone know that whether you live in the US, or the UK... or anywhere else, we all serve the Same Boss (Jesus)!


T-Shirt $20

Same Boss EP (Music) $5

2 Same Boss Wristbands $6

Total: $31 

         -   6 (Set Discount)



This is the best deal!

Same Boss Set

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Your package comes with one (1) pink AND one (1) blue wristband AND a Digital Download card for the Same Boss EP.  Should you desire to have two (2) Pink OR two (2) Blue Wristbands, simply add that request above.  Also, if you desire to have the physical copy of the Same Boss EP instead of the downloadable version, simply add that request above as well.

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