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School Venues

Sean Gary has been serving in the school system since 2007.  Sending Jolts through the Kindergarten classes all the way up through the colleges campuses. 

This time has shown him some recurring scenarios that can make receiving and providing education a little difficult.  These are two talks that are designed to benefit the Faculty and Staff of schools located in the inner city. 



(Student Talk)

Students are like sponges; they soak up everything around them. This fact can be positive or negative.  A lot of the time students don't have the chance to understand their value and may also begin to misunderstand love. 

In many cases this is based on a lack of the student receiving positive affirmation and love. These items missing can cause a student to misunderstand their position in their homes, which leads to confusion with their roles.  In many cases this causes a lack of respect given to authority. 


The talk given to the youth will help their mindset SHIFT allowing them to know that they are important and that their lives are valuable and they have a place in society.  Above all else they will know that they are loved by those who spend time teaching them day in and day out. 

The talk for the students will ignite a passion to learn.  It will challenge them to make better decisions and give more respect to authority.


The instructors should even see the students character increase throughout the year as well. 




(Faculty and Staff Talk)


As instructors we need to get back to the foundation of helping students learn.


Educating students can be DIFFICULT but it also can be very DEFINING.  Before receiving new information or receiving instruction, students have to feel that the instructors care about them and can connect with them.


The talk for faculty and staff ignites a renewed passion for teaching and provides a better understanding of how to connect with students. 


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