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Nominate a Principal, Teacher or Parent Today!


Podcast Motto:
"Our Village Raising Our

The WinIN Play Podcast is a podcast that provides the space for Principals, Teachers and Parents to share what they do in their schools, classrooms, and at home that works! 

Some topics may include: classroom management, implementing SEL activities, dealing with IEP's, creating culture in your building, classroom or even home, serving students with special needs, dealing with parents, bullying, improving parent involvement etc.

Anything that will help each other better serve the students will be discussed.  So watch the interviews, ask questions, voice your concerns and the podcast will continue to be a place for support for each other while also equipping each other with WINING PLAYS to put IN PLAY.  Ultimately serving our students and helping them to be successful!

Know someone who has a wealth of knowledge and a plethora of experiences to share with the viewers, nominate them below and our team may reach out to them for an upcoming episode!

Thanks for submitting! Now Catch the Next Episode Below Once Uploaded and Join The Facebook Group: The WinIN Play Podcast 

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